Steven Song's Peak-bagging Journey

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Grande Cache
albums: 2
Jasper / Hinton
This area covers the mountains accessed by Yellowhead Highway east of BC border, Maligne Road, and Highway 93A.
albums: 16
Robson / Valemount
albums: 4
Mountains around Cadomin and Whitehorse Wildland, or in the easternmost part of Jasper National Park accessed from Cadomin area.
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Icefield Parkway
Mountains accessed by Icefield Parkway north of Highway 1 Junction and south of Highway 93A Junction. This section only covers the mountains near the highway, not including the mountains further west on the icefields.
albums: 13
David Thompson
David Thompson Country covers the area east of Jasper and Banff National Parks. This area is accessed by Highway 11 from Nordegg.
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Lake Louise
Area surrounding Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies' center of tourism.
albums: 8
Skoki area is east of the famous Lake Louise. It's a perfect backcountry base for scrambling and peak begging.
albums: 5
Field / Yoho
albums: 12
Banff / Sunshine Village
Area surrounding Banff, including Castle Junction and part of Kootenay National Park.
albums: 17
Canmore / Bow Valley
Area around Canmore and Bow Valley, accessed by Highway 1 east of Banff park boundary. The northern part of Smith-Dorrien Road and Highway 40 also include in.
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Smith Dorrien / Spray
Area accessed by Smith-Dorrien Road. This area is at the westernmost of Kananaskis Country, so often holds lots of snow. Scrambling season generally won't come until July. In winter and spring, it's a good destination for snowshoeing.
albums: 18
Elbow / Kananaskis
The eastern part of Kananaskis Country. Due to chinooks, this area always come to season the earliest. However, the mountains are generally less scenic than Smith Dorrien area.
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Kananaskis Lakes
albums: 4
Crowsnest Pass
albums: 1
The Castle
albums: 3
Waterton Lakes
albums: 6
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Mountains in China
Instead of covering all the things in China, I only gonna focus on the mountain part. The mountains in China look very different from Canadian Mountains.
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No-Summit Trips
Sometimes I get less ambitious for a summit. Sometimes I fail an attempt. This folder covers all of those trips without even one successful summit ascent.
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Photos taken by Steven