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Indian Ridge

The slope of Indian Ridge appeared to be a true slog (on scree, not on snow). Since we wouldn't go back to this Pass, whether grabbing The Whistlers or not, we had to haul up snowshoes. The slope went on forever. Oh, I forgot this is a 2720m summit, more than 100m higher than Marmot... At least the view was getting better and better. And once we topped out on the ridge, we were treated with gorgeous view.

The summit bump looked to be nearby, but actually far away. We still needed to haul up the heavy stuffs for a good amount of distance and elevation. On the other side, glad we did this part of high ridge traverse, instead of going straight up to the summit. The view is needless to say, awesome towards each direction, especially giants like Edith Cavell.

The summit castle looks to be moderate from far, but actually a walk-up. We both enjoyed our 3rd summit of the day. We took a 10min break here. I went down the other side for a few meters to check out the connecting ridge to The Whistlers. It looks to be very steep, snowy, and corniced. A fall would be really bad towards skier's left, and possibly triggering an avalanche towards skier's right. And there were a good amount of this stuffs to deal with. We were both physically tired and mentally fatigued, and none of us was in the mood of challenging this traverse. For peaks like The Whistlers, I don't like to take any risk. We can do it at anytime we want.. It's as easy as one can expect from Whistler Creek in winter, and from the gondola side in summer.

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Photos taken by Steven